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Sour Gas Plant - 24 MMSCFD

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Sour Gas Plant - 24 MMSCFD
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24 MMSCFD inlet sour gas plant available whole or as piecemeal components.

Includes: inlet separator (SOLD), (2) plant compressors, amine sweetening, acid gas compressor, fuel gas/stabilizer & refrigeration compressor, glycol heater & distribution, recycle compressor, tank VRU, (3) generator sets, and an MCC.

Inlet Conditions: 175 psig & 40 F

Inlet H2S/CO2: 2.1%/1.1%

Acid Gas Volume (stage 1 suction): 790,000 SCFD

Acid Gas Composition (stage 1 suction): 64% H2S/26% CO2

Inlet Sulphur: 20.4 tonnes/day

Inlet Soil/Condensate: 118 Bbls/day

Inlet Water: 255 Bbls/day

Sales Gas: 23 MMSCFD

Sales Condensate: 186 Bbls/day

Nearest Town / City
Spirit River
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