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125 hp 620 Injection Pump Package (Electric)




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New, Surplus
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6 Month Warranty
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125 hp
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1200 RPM
60 Hz
3 Phase
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18 ft
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12 ft
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Equipment Overview

Up to 560m3/day or up to 3748psi discharge pressure – this full sour water injection / disposal pump package is sitting right now in Three Hills, AB and can go to work immediately after installing your choice of plungers!  The Union TD-120 Pump is the only part that is in a reconditioned state, everything else is in unused/new condition. Fortunately, we did the pump work ourselves, so we offer a full 1 year warranty on it – the same that you would get if you bought a NEW pump from Union or National.

There is one 3 bag filter (coated) included, but we have the room, spool pieces, and extra identical filter to install a second one if you require. As mentioned, this a sour unit; coated pipe, no TOL’s, linebacker gaskets, sour valves etc. A full drawing and QA package included. With this pump package you are getting everything you love about new, combined with a price that you can brag about. Requires only electrical wiring to JB’s and it is ready to go!

This unit is also a perfect candidate for an optional conversion to a pipeline LACT unit. Watch the video walkthrough below as it details the simple adjustments to alternatively convert it from a water injection/disposal application to LACT.

Video Walkthrough

Watch a detailed video tour walking through this water injection/disposal pump package and see specifics on how it can optionally be converted to become a pipeline LACT unit.

Optional Conversion to Pipeline LACT Unit

To optionally convert this to a pipeline LACT unit we would take out the three-bag filter, put in a coriolis, a BS&W, and a three-way valve. This conversion from its current pump package configuration to a LACT unit can be completed in less than three weeks. Contact us to discuss the specifics of this alternative option.

360º Virtual Tour

Explore this package in rich detail through a virtual walkthrough below.

Main Pumps, Motors & Assemblies

P-200 Triplex Pump:

  • One (1) REMANUFACTURED UNION TD-120 Pump “M” Fluid End
  • Client choice of plungers
  • 3” Suction, 2” Discharge Connections
  • 3 Feed Lubricator w/ Oil Reservoir
  • Sheave Kit and Belt Guard
  • Mounted on sub assembly skid and attached to main skid
  • Zero-Hour Overhaul c/w 12 month warranty

M-200 Motor

  • One (1) NEW 125HP Electric Motor
  • WEG
  • TEFC, Roller brg. drive end
  • 1800 RPM
  • VFD Rated
  • 460V/3/60

PD-100 Suction Stabilizer ​

  • One (1) Status Flow or equal Pulsation Stabilizers
  • 300 cu/in
  • 3” 150# RF
  • CRN for BC, SK, AB, MB

PD-200 Discharge Stabilizer

  • One (1) CoorsTek or equal Discharge Pulsation Stabilizer
  • 300 cu/in
  • 2” 1500# RF
  • CRN for BC, SK, AB, MB

P-100 Charge Pump ​

  • One (1) NEW Grundfos CRN 20-3 Centrifugal Pump
  • All Wetted Parts Stainless Steel
  • Rated at 120 gpm @ 65 psi
  • Low NPSH Impeller rated at <5ft npshr

M-100 Charge Pump Motor​

  • One (1) 7.5 HP WEG Motor
  • TEFC, 3550 RPM
  • 460V/3/60Hz

F-100 Filter Vessel:

  • New P2 3 Bag Filter Vessel
  • Internally Coated
  • MAWP 150 PSI @ +300F/-20F
  • 4” 150# RF in/out Connections
  • Rated for 815m3/day
  • AB/BC/SK CRN Registration
  • Piping connections for 2nd filter
  • 2nd 3 bag filter currently in stock

Pump Performance


PI-100   P-100 Inlet pressure indicator (0-15 psi)
DPI-100   F-100/200 Differential Pressure Indicator (0-30 Diff Pres)
PI-200/300  P-100 Discharge pressure Indicator (0-160 psi)
PSL-100   P-200 Low suction pressure Shutdown Switch Low (6900GZE14 SET FALLING TO 25 PSI)
PI-200   P-200 discharge pressure Indicator (0-3000 PSI)
PSH-200   P-200 High discharge pressure Shutdown Switch High (6900GZE22 SET TBA)
PSV-200   Pressure Safety Valve (SET RISING TO TBA)
FT-200   1 ½ x 2 EZ-IN (2” 1500# RF) Turbine Flow Meter
FQI-200   Flow Totalizer MCIII EX
VSH-200   P-161 High Vibration Switch
LSL-200   P-161 Low Oil Level Shutdown


All Pipe included in this package is Internally Coated with Devoe 253

Suction Piping:  3” 150#

  • Includes 3” Basket strainer and Isolation valve on suction piping
  • 3” Filter vessel isolation valves and 3” bypass valve circuit

Discharge Piping: 2” 900/1500#

  • Manual startup bypass valve
  • Isolation valve
  • Check valve
  • PSV and startup bypass valves outlet go back to main pump suction
  • Drain valves to drain sump

Drain Piping to be 1” and will drain into open drain sump from:

  • Basket strainer drain
  • F-161 Filter vessel drain
  • Suction piping between P-100/P-200
  • Discharge piping
  • P-200 stuffing box drain

Piping Notes

  • Built to ASME B31.3 Latest Edition
  • Discharge piping (900/1500#) to be sch. 160
  • Suction (150# ANSI) piping to be sch. 40
  • All Piping 10% NDT, no PWHT
  • Internally coated
  • Piping includes flanges for all instrumentation connections (No TOL’s)
  • All pipe/fittings/bolting/ linebacker gaskets materials to be standard

Skid & Building

One (1) Surplus Never Used Skid and Building:

  • 12’ W x 18’L x 9’ H Gable S
  • Checker Plate Flooring
  • 2” Drip Lip Around Skid
  • Drain Sump
  • High Level Sump Switch
  • Filter, Suction and discharge piping, pump stuffing box area drain into sump
  • Gable Style Building
  • Ice Rakes
  • Ridge Vent
  • Choice of 12VDC start Catadyne heater OR 15Kw Electric Hazloc Heater
  • Eavestroughs and Downspouts
  • One (1) Double Man Door
  • One (1) Single Man Door
  • 3” Fire Retardant Spray Foam Under skid Insulation Insulated Skid
  • There is no electrical included in this quote.

QC/QA Documentation

Operation, Parts, Service and QA Manual provided with package c/w:

  • Drawings include:
  • P&ID
  • GA Plan Elevation ISO
  • Structural Steel
  • Pump Curves
  • Installation and Operation manual
  • Parts and service Manual for all equipment
  • Data sheets for all equipment in package
  • QC Manual from approved shop with ABSA – AQP
  • AB-83
  • U1A for Filter vessel and Pulsation stabilizers


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(Water Injection/Disposal Package) + VIDEO TOUR
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CAD $182,000
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Kneehill County
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