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Pipe Package - Assorted

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NEW - Never Used

Shawcor Camrose - Coated Pipe:

  • 1700 METERS 323.9MM   X   6.4MM WT. FBE, GRADE 414, CAT 2, SS, TRLS
  • 700 METERS   323.9MM   X   7.1MM WT. ARO & FBE GRADE 414, CAT 2, SS, TRLS
  • 4000 METERS 323.9MM   X   8.4MM WT. ARO & FBE GRADE 414, CAT 2, SS, TRLS
  • 1600 METERS 406.4MM   X   7.9MM WT. ARO GRADE 448, CAT 2, SS, TRLS
  • 1100 METERS 406.4MM   X   8.4MM WT. FBE GRADE 448, CAT 2, SS, TRLS 
  • 3000 METERS 406.4MM   X   9.5MM WT. ARO & FBE GRADE 448, CAT 2, SS, TRLS 

Shawcor Location:
- Pipe loading included as part of sale
- Buyer would be required to provide adequate transportation for yard to load onto nominated carriers deck. Details can be provided on requirements for serious buyers 
- Buyer would be subjected to available load times; minimum two weeks notice required to make bookings
- If buyer wants only specific joints from available lot, a sorting charge would be required to be paid by the buyer. The minimum rate is $400 per lot, to be confirmed on a case by case scenario prior to sale. Sorting charges are to be included as part of buyers offer
- If buyer would like to visit yard to inspect available pipe a visit is possible, but will require 3-5 days advance notice, a 10 minute orientation upon arrival, and all typical PPE to be worn


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